Thursday, October 18, 2007

Six Flags Over Texas

I took Kambree and Hayden to Six Flags. He's been telling me over and over that he wants to go. We had a great day but thank goodness we had to leave by 1:30 to pick up the twins. That was long enough. :)

Summer Pool Party

This summer I got to see one of my best friends-Lisa and her family. We went out to her sister's house for a pool party. We all had such a great time! I miss her....

Casey and I took the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo while the twins were in school.

We started off the school year in August with the twins starting first, approximately 2 wks before Kam and Hayden. The twins were moved up to the Pre-K class and on the very first day of school the teacher had us-parents start taking our kids to the bathroom to try to get them potty trained. I thought she might be crazy but guess what? Brenan is practically potty trained! He rarely wets his pull up at school and when we are home (And I can remember to set a timer) he will go here too. Brice has gone one time-on their birthday but I bet it wont take him long either once he gets the idea.
Hayden started back to Cross Town-"The Jesus school" as he calls it. He has a new teacher this year that keeps him on his toes. He is such a sweet boy but he can be a turkey sometimes. He will start kindergarten next year. Heath and I were talking the other night and cant believe it's been almost 5 years since we had him! :( He is growing up so fast!
Kambree is now in middle school. Lord help us-we know what is ahead-hormones, boys, mean girls. She is turning 12 in a couple weeks on November 2nd. Now, I can not believe how old she is-time flies! She is growing like a weed. Everyday I look at her and I'm like-You've grown over night. She is almost as tall as me! She started back in competitive gymnastics and will start basketball soon. Oh, and I have to say she made straight A's again on her report card for the 1st 6 weeks.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We took the boys to Port Aranas-beach on the east coast of Texas, by Corpus Christi. Hayden kept telling us that he wanted to go to the "beach". He LOVED the water! He is so dark/tan. Brice liked it also but not so much for Brenan.